Group Fitness Instructor Certification

I am very excited! I am now a certified group fitness instructor and am hoping to start teaching classes soon. I have an interview coming up and have put together a little ten minute workout to present. It is short and sweet but really gets your blood pumping quick. If you’ve got ten minutes give it a try!

**Videos showing moves coming soon**

Warm up:
Jumping jacks-30 seconds
High knees- 30 seconds
Butt kicks- 30 seconds
Standing Mt. climbers 30 seconds (high knees+ punching corresponding arm up in the air when knee goes up)

Jumping Lunges-8 each leg (go down into and lunge and jump up to switch legs)
Brupie/8-count Mt.Climber+ 4 push ups X3
Squat side kicks- 8 each leg
Scissor runs- 60 seconds
Scissor jumps- 8
Push up jacks-8
Abdominal twists- 8
Knee to elbow-10
Rowers- 10

Cool down:
Lunge stretch hold at least 15 seconds each leg
Triceps stretch- 15 seconds
Quad stretch- 15 seconds each side


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