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North Carolina

Just got back from a fun, short trip to North Carolina to visit my sister. Was hoping to get away from the cold here in Michigan but it ended up actually being colder there than here.  Oh well, what can you do, at least they didn’t have snow! Just a lot of rain. Fortunately we were still able to make the best of the trip and we were able to get some good hiking in, which was of course, my favorite part of the trip.


Hiking is a great way to workout, mostly because it doesn’t feel like working out. You’re still working hard and breaking a sweat but it’s just so invigorating. There is something about being out in nature that energizes you.  Sometimes, especially in the winter, I find myself getting stuck in a rut. I get sick of going to the gym all the time and working out becomes less enjoyable and seems more like a chore than something I should be enjoying. Hiking is a relaxing way to get a good workout in. It can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be depending on the difficulty of the trail you choose and how quick of a pace you go. Our hike was to Rainbow Falls in North Carolina. Even though it was only a total of 3 miles my fitbit tracked that we climbed almost 80 flights of stairs in that short hike!


Unfortunately, hiking is not something that can be done everywhere. Here in Michigan you’ll be pretty hard pressed to find trails of that difficulty. However, you can find some that are less strenuous and it can still be a great way to get outside and get moving to break up your workout routine. Weather can make hiking difficult (it’s a lot less fun when it’s snowing and cold) so it’s good to have other options to get outside. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are two great options for a good cardiovascular workout.

Basically the point of this is, don’t let the winter blues get to your workout routine. Take advantage of the terrain and weather where you live and get outside and move! 🙂




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So I went to Seattle and fell in love. It was amazing there. Beautiful, hilly, healthy, great food it was pretty much anything I could even want. I wish I had been able to see more, in such a short trip it was hard but here is a little of what I saw.

IMG_1038Seattle really does have the best coffee.

IMG_1044.JPGWe made sushi!


IMG_1045.JPG…lots of sushi.


IMG_1064.JPGPikes Place Market!

IMG_1066Sorry for the blurry pics, these are all from my phone.




IMG_1072A wall covered completely with gum…

IMG_1073It was gross and smelled.



IMG_1080Best clam chowder.



IMG_1088Strawberry balsamic ice cream with lemon curd topping. Ridiculously delicious.

IMG_1094.JPGGreen Lake

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